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  • iCORE Chair in Nanoscale Information and Communications Technology

  • AITF Industrial Chair in Atom Scale Fabrication 

  • CTO Quantum Silicon Inc.

  • Principal Research Officer (NRC Nanotechnology in Edmonton, Alberta)

  • Nanoelectronics Program Coordinator (NRC Nanotechnology in Edmonton, Alberta)


Robert Wolkow is a Professor in the Department of Physics, iCORE Chair of Nanoscale Information and Communications Technology at the University of Alberta and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He is also the Principal Research Officer and Nanoelectronics Program Coordinator at the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT), AITF Industrial Chair in Atom Scale Fabrication and CTO of Quantum Silicon Inc.  He received his BSc from the University of Waterloo, his PhD from the University of Toronto and did postdoctoral work at the IBM TJ Watson Research Centre before becoming a staff scientist at Bell Laboratories.  He has received multiple awards for outstanding achievement, most recently the ASTech Outstanding Leadership in Alberta technology 2015, Innovation Patent Award 2017, Innovation Makes Sense Spin Off Award 2015 and the Innovation Makes Sense Patent Award 2016. 

Wolkow has had a leading role in discovering, altering and deploying atom scale properties of silicon. His years of fundamental advances have laid a broad foundation for practical applications. With his spin-off companies, he is initiating commercialization.


We draw from the cream of the crop of Canadian and International graduate students and researchers

the team
Jason Pitters

Jason Pitters

NINT Staff Scientist

Martin Cloutier

Martin Cloutier

NINT Technician

Mark Salomons

Mark Salomons

NINT Instrument Design Engineer

Taras Chutora

Taras Chutora

Postdoctoral Researcher

Roshan Achal

Roshan Achal

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jeremy Croshaw

Jeremy Croshaw

Postdoctoral Researcher

Furkan Altincicek

Furkan Altincicek

PhD Student

Stephanie Yong

Stephanie Yong

Research Assistant

Christopher Leon

Christopher Leon

Research Associate

Max Yuan

Max Yuan

Graduate Student

  • David McComb, RA 1994, became faculty member at the University of Glasgow.

  • Charles MacPherson, RA 1995, Nortel in Ottawa, then Uniax, Santa Barbara.

  • David Brown, RA 1996, now senior process engineer at microprocessor manufacturer AMD.

  • Gregory Lopinski, RA 1998, now a staff scientist at NRC Steacie Institute

  • Steven Patitsas, RA 1999, Professor, University of Lethbridge, Physics department.

  • Oleksa Hulko, PDF 2000, became a research associate at Cambridge University.

  • Gin Gu, PDF 2001, postdoc in Germany

  • Peter Kruse, PDF 2002, Professor at McMaster University, Chemistry

  • Xiao Tong, PDF 2002, research associate, Santa Barbara, staff scientist Brookhaven National Labs

  • Paul Piva, PDF 2003, became RA at NRC standards Institute, IP Lawyer

  • Mohamed Rezeq, PDF 2003, Professor Saudi Arabia

  • Iana Dogel, PDF 2004-6, assistant director, Nano Alberta, gov Alberta agency

  • Luca Ramoino, PDF 2006-7, Senior Process Engineer at Oerlikon Solar AG Switzerland

  • Adam Dickie, PDF 2003-5, science writer and vintner

  • Stanislav Dogel, PDF 2004-8, became staff scientist at NINT

  • M. Baseer Haider, PDF 2006-9, Professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia

  • Mustafa Muhamad, PDF 2008-9, now RA at University Alberta, engineering dept.

  • Lucian Livadaru, PDF started 2006-10, RA 2010 – 2013, QSi Inc., staff scientist

  • Hatem Labidi, PDF 2013 - 2016, now a postdoc at the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communications Technology in Sydney, Australia

  • Mohammad Koleini, PDF 2012 - 2016, RA 2016-201, now Researcher at DTU Nanotech

  • Moe Rashidi, PDF 2013-2018, RA 2018, now Research Analyst at ATB Financial

  • Thomas Dienel, RA 2017 - 2019, now RA at Cornell University & PARADIM

  • Bruno Martins, PDF 2011-19, now Data Wrangler/Modeller at Brightside

  • Jo Onoda, RA 2017-2021

  • Amsalu Anagaw, MSc, 2007, became PhD student Physics UofA.

  • Manuel Smeu, MSc, 2005-2007, became PhD student at McGill

  • Janik Zikovsky, PhD, 2004-2009, became staff Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • Shoma Sinha, PhD, 2006 – 2011, became staff Scientist at Quantiam Technologies, Canada

  • Cristian Vesa, MSc 2009-2011, became teacher

  • Josh Mutus, PhD, 2006-2012, Postdoc U Santa Barbara, currently Staff Scientist, Google quantum Computer Facility, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

  • Manuel Smeu, PhD student at McGill, 2007-2012, co-supervised Wolkow (McGill adjunct) and Hong Guo, Postdoc Northwestern U, now Professor SUNY Binghampton, USA

  • Peter Legg, MSc, 2010-2012

  • Marco Taucer, MSc/PhD student, 2009-2015, Dissertation Award, currently postdoc with Paul Corkum, U Ottawa

  • John Wood, MSc, 2015-2017, Engineer at Mycralyne

  • Erika Lloyd, MSc, 2015-2017, MASt at University of Cambridge

  • Wyatt Vine, MSc, 2016-2018, PhD in electrical engineering at University of New South Wales

  • Taleana Huff, MSc, 2012-2015, PhD, 2015-2020

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